For the Conscious Souls: Your Health Matters

For the Conscious Souls: Your Health Matters

When I started to do hot yoga, I just didn't want to sweat in polyester. As a former environmental engineer, I knew all about toxicity from petroleum-based items, such as nylon and polyester, and the health risks associated with performance fabrics.
Just recently, experts on the topic finally warned about high levels of chemicals in clothes. Higher levels of health issues have risen over the years, and the main reasons are based on what we eat and what we put on our skin.

High-performance fabrics

High-performance fabrics are mainly used in sports clothes. They contain nanoparticles that contain heavy metals and carcinogenic components that are injected into their fibers to perform a functional task, like sweat-wicking or sun protection.
Did you think that sweat-wicking is a natural benefit from synthetic fabrics? Now you know why chemicals are injected into fibers of fabrics.

Our Skin

Yes, the skin is the largest organ in the body. It is constantly absorbing everything on it. Creams, makeup, clothes. It is important to pay attention to what we put on it, especially if you perform an activity that involves sweating a lot like hot yoga.

Whatever we put on our skin will be absorbed into our body and make its way to our blood. If chemical particles are traveling into our bloodstream, they will eventually attach to an organ, depending on the type of component.

Health Risks

Cancer and immune diseases have been increasing in the last decades. The main reason for this is that we are eating and wearing items that contain toxic components and chemicals.
The textile industry and clothing companies have been using these fabrics for decades without informing the public of how they are made or what they have inside.

Natural Fibers

Natural fibers are our best choice. Organic cotton is grown without the use of chemicals. It is hypoallergenic, which means that it won’t irritate even the most sensitive skin. That is why organic cotton is used on babies’ clothes or luxury clothing brands.

To sum up, choosing clothes made of natural fibers, especially while doing activities that involve a lot of sweating, is just the right choice for people who prioritize their health and wellbeing.

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    Such great information Cynthia! Love your brand and values 💓

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