Our Fabrics and Dyes

 In Love with Pima Cotton and Alpaca

We have a passion for fibers like pima cotton and alpaca.
Pima cotton is the most durable and the strongest natural fiber in the market, it is hypoallergenic, it feels buttery soft to the touch, and at the end of its life cycle it decomposes naturally and fast in the landfill.
We use organic Pima Cotton in our yoga line and some loungewear pieces, and alpaca blends for the winter items.

Hand Dyeing

During our first years, the hand dyed technique was done by a group of skilled women in the mountains of Peru. Now, we also enjoy doing hand dyed pieces and we have lots of fun playing with different dyes and techniques in our studio.
In 2021, Jacarandá improved the natural dyeing process in order to improve the life expand and retention of the colors.


Econyl is recycled nylon made of abandoned fish nets in the Ocean. Its very soft and durable.
Our swimwear line is made of econyl and we are very excited to be able to make unique, hand dyed pieces with it.