About Us

Hola y bienvenidos a Jacaranda!

We are a Canadian, female-owned and eco-conscious apparel brand located in Canada. We design all our collections and produce our clothing by using a thoughtful combination of the finest natural fibers and performance fibers to produce unique pieces. We started doing yoga clothing made of organic Pima cotton and now we also produce loungewear and comfortable casual clothing.

Jacaranda was created by Cynthia as a way to combine her education and personal passion for yoga, the environment, natural fibers and hand dyeing.

What keeps our clients in love with our yoga clothing?

We are the only activewear brand that uses organic Pima cotton in the creation of our yoga clothing line. We know that our clients LOVE the flattering and comfortable fit of our leggings, not only because it looks and feels good but also because the design of the thick fabric naturally shapes the body. Plus, the strong and durable organic Pima cotton doesn't pill so it looks like new over the years.

Our mission is to create and provide high quality, sustainable, comfortable pieces for our clients by using as much as natural fibers as possible without compromising the functionality and high quality of our garments.

 Eco-friendly and Fair-trade

We also support Peruvian artists and artisans by working together on unique designs for our winter items. We are proud to share that we are certified with The World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO).